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19th January 2007

8:00am: Discover Vonnegut
If you dont or havent read a Vonnegut novel you should, however if you didnt like Donnie Darko, dont bother.

"I cover paper with words everyday,
but the stories never go anywhere
I find worth going."

18th January 2007

12:44am: If anybody knows what the fuck is up with any of these questions, feel free to let me know the ledge. But really yo...

...What the fuck is up with this homogenization of the youth?
First off let me state that I dont have shit against gays, like really I dont give a fuck about what they do in they cypher, and without bi sexual chicks I wouldnt have acquired a taste for porn. This shit is more about the mindset of these young fucks. Using Baby and Weezy F.(ucking) Baby kissing each other in the mouth as my reference point, I have yet to come across a dude under 21 that finds this unacceptable. As this was discussed by me and the ups man at the smut shop, he brought up a convo he had with one of the young dudes at his job and with what I have been told myself, the consenus is that it is cool because it is some "hard ass mafia shit". Well the romans were the most power fuckers you could be on the planet at one point in time, and they butt fucked boys, so is butt fucking boys cool, young urban youth????? But ok ok to be far maybe it has nothing to do with a homogenous agenda, just a lack of fucking critical thinking and indiviuality, therfore...

*pause* what the fuck is up with chicks, still finding weezy sexy and saying his swagger is strong but he kissing men?

...What the fuck is up with people trendwhoring, fad-fucking, and just the overall sheepish mindset people are instituting?
I remember when it was cool to be an individual. Sure you had the hot shit to get, like starter jackets, OG 5950 caps, jordans, etc. But atleast you would try to get a team nobody else had, or rock the J's with some shit other people didnt have, now its like people dont care, what the fuck is going on. Why the fuck is cats running around with chains on they belt loops, hooked to they belt loops?!?!? The fuck is the amount of retardation in your brain doing to your fashion, and well everything else in your life. If these fuckers produced wool I would just hit them with a can veggies shave they gump asses and make many winter sherlings, but they dont so I cant. Can we start a think for your self, save the youth campaign.

...What the fuck is up with winter just getting here and its got damn mid January?
Shit fucked all my plans up, I was trying go skiing but the fucking resorts couldnt make snow because it was too warm and I aint nair traveling more than 3 hours for that shit. oh well, guess I will be copping a mountain bike soon.

...What the fuck is up with people shitting in other people mouth's?
and why the fuck did this chick I work with feel it was neccessary to share the fucking video with me, shit almost made me throw up my freshly digested chicken box. I did tell her to foward that shit to some people tho, lol, ahhhhh if I had to see that shit you do too, no pun intended.

...What the fuck is up with the Ravens not...you know what fuck it...*mumbles*

...What the fuck is up with me letting people off the hook?
I got a couple people that I need to slap the shit out of, but I havent.WHY? I dont know, I guess I am getting old. *thinks about putting some shit on blast, digresses*

...What the fuck is up with no Huey P day?
They could even double it with Malcolm and just call it angry black man day, and have sam jack be the initial spokesperson. Man all joke saside Huey is my dude tho, had a few things been different I prob would be the neo huey, shotties and crisp baby blue button ups, shiiiidddddddd. "put up a fist for black power, cuz all we want is his freedom"

...What in the flying fuck is up with "I love new york"?
Like, nah, really, why the hell is this shit on the air, and who the fuck finds her attractive? I swear man, its like, sometimes, i just dont know. I hate to get on that pro Black shit, because I feel its a bigger picture that needs to be adressed first, But this some old disgraceful shit here, its like I thought the fucking lowest stoop would the cooning of flav, oh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, how I was wrong.

...what the fuck is up with Milkcrate?
man aaron trying get his life and take all that homegrown inspired dough. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I see you, we coming. Virt.Ink

...What the fuck is up with Jay-z blue?
Maybe its just me, but ummmmmmmmmmmmm, I wouldnt cop/like a color just because a celeb's name is attached, have people really become this stupid.

...What the fuck is up with Shawn Hornbeck?
Like really yo, you had a cellphone, a bike, friends, a myspace page, freedom to play, like really why didnt you try to go home. now I knoe everybody saying yo its the Stockholm Syndrome, yeaaaaa but, c'mon now, dude got kidnapped at 11, he was old enough to know the deal and you going tell me, and I am just not buying it. Dude is 15 gets to do what he wants and doesnt have to go to school, man he said fuck going home and is salty as shit they found him.

...What the fuck is up with the possibilty of Hillary running against Obama in 2008?
Ummmmmmmm, yea, lets see, what did the democratic party do, sit and think of the best way possible to split the vote. Anyway, I just can't see a US president with the last name Obama, and even if he were to become prez besides the superficial and moral uplifting it would do, we all know no major changes would be done withint the infrastructure of our government. thats the beauty of american politics, you give the people what they want, by letting them think that they are a part of the process, let them vote and shit keep them passive, then you put a person in with not enough time to get thier feet wet, so they have to rely on the people and institutions that have already been set in place and then you sit back and watch the puppet show. ahhhh from sea to shining sea.

...What the fuck is up with them actually selling those ritz-carlton residences downtown?
Fucking 65% sold, 125 units, condos starting at 1.5 million and the 3 penthouses sold out at 5 million a pop. now granted, its a real good look for the city so I am not mad at that at all, but it also means that the property value down that bitch is goin to do nothing but keep inflating and my hopes of being down there get smalller and smaller, oh well..fuck it, off to the county.

...What the fuck is up with me not posting no really funny shit?
Well I just didnt feel like being funny.

index, middle, thumb over the rest

17th January 2007

12:46am: Canned vegatables
Aight, this is what I propose. See the wackness in muthafuckas is running amuck, shit is like crack in the 80s. Fucking fronting ass broads, lying ass niggas, these nigga know who they are but the masses is letting them get away with this shit, much like the faggotry of today, no offense to any homos and shit, cuz some of yall aint fags. Anyway, next time you see one of these wack muthafuckas in your area, hit they ass in head with a can of vegatables, some corn or some shit. If you dont have any canned goods, you can subtitue a old sock full of dead batteries. Next up....My what the fuck list for the winter season....Sawyze

15th January 2007

10:42am: Swagger Jackers

11th January 2007

3:09am: Dug does not equal dog
What American accent do you have?
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The South
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What American accent do you have?
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2:57am: I am at Level 2, not as bad as I thought I would be.
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Current Mood: sleepy

8th December 2006

10:32am: so how fucked up are you.....
Link at the bottom

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My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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16th August 2006

4:21am: BCC
My ears are ringing and my throat is sore, but Boot Camp did a hell of a show @ Sonar tonight. See hip_hop_talk for more details..

9th July 2006

2:32pm: Real Quick
Ok, so i saw napolean dynamite for the first time. what a crock of shit. I mean really what the fuck was that, why was it liked. Annnnnnd, fuck napolean, he's an asshole, like I thought he was susposed to be a likable nerd that you felt sorry for. Nope, didnt feel sorry for him, in fact I just wantd to fucking gut check the son of a bitch, smart mouthed dillweed. Fucking MTV I swear....I am way out the loop. But pedro was that nigga. 
I'm Swayze.
Current Mood: annoyed

9th March 2006

1:21pm: This is it What...
Hip Hop Heads Only

For the past week I have not been able to stop bumping "Uptown Saturday Night", ths has got to be one of the most slept on albums in hip hop history. Today it is all to common to hear a 70s soul sample, but in 1997 Camp Lo managed to sample the soul of the 70s and bring forth one of the most refreshing and creative albums hip hop has seen. Even 6 years later this testament holds true. The combination of exquisite wordplay over Ski's insanely fresh production produced the essence of hip hop...pure creativity. The only ting that Cheeba and Suede werent able to mesh were the fashions, too bad the current incarnation of Ghostface couldnt help them with that.From the cover art featuring Ernie Barnes piece "The Sugar Shack" to the heavy references to the blaxplotaion of the era, Camp Lo impeccably paid homage to the 70s while still keep it fresh and exciting. 70s slang combined with Camp Lo's homegrown verbage produced lyrics with a complexity that was near 'posdenous'ian in nature. (This probably explains why De La was featured on the album and Camp Lo given shouts out on "Stakes is High" and an apperance in the liner notes.) And in true De La fashion it will take you dozens of listens to decypher the lyrics and appreciate the cleverness. If you liked this post check out hip_hop_talk</lj>

Coolie High:
Black Nostaljack

15th February 2006

1:00pm: ha i am in this muthafucka
Aight i got a real update coming soon, but i am still writing down, because its goin to be a long list of things i would like to say "fuck you" to, anyways, i am here to post this before i forget, I come in to work and at my job all the middle aged woman like to harass me, one even says i am her husband which is some creepy ass shit, but moving on, so my supe who acts like my aunt, which is funny, is like "noah, i smell hot dogs and beans, you smell it" so i am like yea, so she then proceeds to tell me how she doesnt like hotdogs and beans, just beans, cuz when she was young they had to eat mad hotdogs and beans or some shit, so i immedately think of i crude joke about teabagging, which i kept to myself...but anyway, she gets up and starts walking into people's offices, asking who is eating hot dogs and beans, for what, I dont know, but she did. So then this other woman walks down the hall and she asks her and she says real snippy "No I am heating up Steak and beans" like that shit was lobster or something, I am like, faking ass muthafucka know thats just some left over doggie bag shit from some cheap ass restaurant that you went to last night, STOP FAKING, like steak and beans some upper class shit, its fucking beans, and prob was a ny strip, broke ass nigggas, but anyway speaking of steak, Ruth's Chris Surf and turf had a nigga in a state of euphoria and the creme brulee is banging too, shit was well wrth the 70 bucks, ANNNNNNNNNNNNNND they hit me with a 20 gift card for another restaurantm that sells seafood, so I feel 20 dollars wrth of steamed clams coming real soon, and I am out like buster douglas I say peace to MC trouble

2nd December 2005

What the deal, dealy dooooeee nigga. Man I dont know what the fuck to post about in here no more, soooooooo somebody give me a suggestion of what you think would be entertainng. Actually I can post my dumb ass comments that I overhear during the day. Dumb ass comment for yesterday, "If two men walk into a romm of english speaking people and they speak spainish to one another they may be gay". Yes people that comment was made to me with a sincere sentiment and she actually thought I would co-sign on it, needless to say she will stil be catching the bus. And i am swayze.

20th October 2005

1:13am: Well..
I dont haves shit to say, well I do but I dont feel like typing about how its 1:20 am and its some muthafuckas makin mad noise in my alley, but please believe that I dont want any parts of whats goin on out there, or how somebody got left with theier thoughts on the concrete around the corner last night, so foxtrot was out for mad long lighting shit up, or how feinds in my city are stealing the lamp posts, yes the big ass 20ft tall silver shits with the flood lights, cutting them down with a hack saw and selling them for scrap, so far its about 26.... so instead I will do this.... show you my godson
brandon aka the littlest weezy

and my desk is mega fucking boring because I am lazy. Give me your sugestions on how I can spice it up. I noticed it looks like I am playing some beta version of tetris, HA

my boring ass desk

9th September 2005

2:13pm: Open forum, because I dont have shit to say really
Well I got shit I could say but I am not because its not LJ talk, but besides that I dont feel like gettin on here a rambling on and on about something that most of you probably dont want to hear,but I have been told that ,my perspective on things is amusing soooooo, iam making myself available to discuss whatever you guys want to bring to table. Ask me my opinion on something, ask me a question, whatever you want. I am a geek so it can be something intellectual like the socio-economic factors that influenced the response to Katrina, the "liberal" media engaging in and perpetuaing the blame game, and the profound actual economic impcat that it will have in the days to come. Or techno-geek like my thoughts on the upcoming holiday season and the gdgets it will bring. Or blue collar geek, like why a RWD 5.7L V8 with 390ft-lbs of torque equals and orgasm or why I want a blower on my 4.6L V8.But I am a lil hood too, so we can talk about why aint none of these niggas gettin money cuz the 80's been gone and muthafuckas dont buy girl like that, and if they do its some bullshit, niggas all about that boy, and how none of these niggas in the streets or the industry gettin no real money like the glory days. Rayful fuckin Edmond, all I got to say, and aint no nigga as gangsta as Larry Davis or how lil' Melvin might have been one of the smartest hustlas to ever play the game. Or kicks ir what ever else you feel like hearing me ramble about or argue with me about...
PS. Az most underated rapper in the history of the game, gasface to all them other bumfuck tobacco spitters...Swayze

19th August 2005

3:25pm: Hey, all my good LJ friends, I need you guys to do me a favor


and click the the second icon that says "flip my whip" and vote for CRAIG'S 1989 CHEVY G20 VAN. Thats my cousin and our radio station is doin a pimp my ride type thing he is in the lead and the voting ends 2mrw, PLEASE LJ, help me pimp my cousin rides, LMAO, the voting ends 2mrw so act fast

8th August 2005

9:01pm: What you know about down the hill..HEY...HEY Down the HILL
MANNNNNNNNNN SHID, this is pretty much only for Baltimore heads because the rest of yall wont like this but thats where you fuckihng up, but anyway I fucked up and discovered a 24hr stream Baltimore club music site, MAN its a wrap, right now I got the Absolut Open Bar and DJ Technics on the 1s and 2s at club Ready Rock Ave we rocking until fucking 4-5am cuz i dont have to work 2mrw, and if you dont like B'more club then KIM because I dont feel like arguing with no damn body...."You keep on Fucking around and I am goinnnn get my gun"

Listen to Baltimore Club

Brief Overiew

14th July 2005

4:05pm: Life is like a movie....
All my life it has seemed as though I have been living a carefully scripted and directed montage. Which led to think what would my life be like as a motion picture....who would direct it? what would be on the soundtrack?...The soundtrack question is really the one that has intrigued me the most. The soundtrack really drives the movie and sets the tone for the scenes, and since music and the hip hop culture have been such an intricate and developmental part of my life I had to make a list. Now this list doesnt necessarily have to be songs that are related to your life perse, but more so songs that would be played during specific scenes, so with that being said:
The director would either be Charles S. Dutton or Spike Lee, I kind of want Darren Aronofsky but I dont think he can capture the grit thats goin to be needed.

Now for songs that would have to be in the movie soundtrack:

My Life-Mary J Blige...that would prob be the title track

Drink Away The Pain-Mobb Deep...I listened to this album everyday for like a year

Bonita Applebum-A Tribe Called Quest...The reason I love hip hop

Life's A Bitch-Nas...This was one of the must tracks that had to be played on various I-95 trips

Ghostface-All I Got Is You...man this scene will make the realest niggas drop saltwater

How's It Goin Down-DMX...the perfect summer song for the pefect chills summer scene

Let It Be-the Beatles...Yea the Beatles, got a problem with that

Not An Addict-K's Choice...MANNNNNNNNN this is another really real scene, I mean it gets REALLLLLLL

Memory Lane-Nas...this is a must have, if you ever heard it then you know why

One Love-Nas...I sent a kite with this as the beat, so it has to be there

Thats all I can think of right now, its mad scenes crashing together in myhead right now, once I chill I will probably think of some more. So now its your turn, Whats the soundtrack of your life.
Current Mood: nostalgic

29th June 2005

3:30pm: more Ebay Crack
the board is actually made up of alot of small magnets with words on them and at the bottom it reads Absolut Imspiration, and of course a deck of absolut cards.......SO WHO TRYIN TO PLAY SPADES??????

19th June 2005

12:47am: EBAY is great

I just have to find some where to hang it, I swear re-doing the basement is getting more and more tempting

13th June 2005

1:30pm: Hot time summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirt and gritty
Aight well, Summer is here in B'more, with out no doubt, let me run down some of the reasons why:

*BCPS has closed schools numerous times becuase its too damn hot for them bad ass kids

*I want an egg custard snowball with extra marshmellow bad as a fuck

*The 12'oclock boys was out dumb hard @ the Park, which means the dirt bike cops will be back in full force. They got some new bikes too, much beter then these pieces of shit, they were getting horsed on

*I have seen two fights in front my house in a week

*ITS HOT AS FUCK, shit feel like you breathing soup

*The Park was so thick they closed it off

*Northwest Plaza is starting to get hella thick @ around 6, and niggas is tearing shit up on the strip. Saw this C6 smoke this boy Supra. Ahhhh, late nights and fast cars....Won't be long before Fifty start pouncing and impounding shit

*Random ass niggas is walking dwn my block with random ass blunt objects, i.e. sticks, poles, pipes, etc.

*I am feinding to rock kicks with bright colors

*I need stunnas, numerous paris of stunnas

*My basement has a light smell of charcoal, I stay sparking the grill for no good reason, throw like two burgers on that bitch, HA

*Some Dopehead nodded out from the heat, in front of the rehab center up the street, that will happen so many more times

*The Green Carders, Muslims, and Dust Bunnies, is pumping them four quarter waters on every strip, but the muslims got them 'zonas too, they stepped the game up

*Its like 5 niggas on my one corner, HA they aint gettin no money like that

*Six Flags is calling my ass, Hard, if it ever dip to like low 80s again, I am there

*Pale skins is gettin sunburned

*I am turning into my summer shade of reddish-brown, and my skin is rebelling from the heat tryin break out and shit

*I want some steamed crabs bad as a fuck, Not that liberty rd. bullshit neither, them authentics from dwn Martinis on W.Pratt, Got Damn, i might have to make that trip this weekend, I dont think I can wait till the 4th

*Niggas breaking out them summer whips, winter must have been good, cuz its so many German whips, vettes, and other types of mobile ignorance on the street

*The littlest of niggas is out late, like 6-8 year olds

So thats why I know it summer in my city, feel free to add or tell me Why you know its summer in your city?
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